Horse Racing:

Horses have been a part of man’s life from a very early time, horse racing was always close to follow. The oldest races can be traced back to pre historic times with betting also associated with them from the very beginning. The modern mode of racing, although starting in England, spread across many nations and South Africa was amongst the first countries to include horse racing in its range of sports. It did not come alone though, came accompanied by the betting practice that was a huge part of it. Gambling has been an important ingredient, and since the start of online betting it has increased by tenfold.

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Sports are usually organized events which are competitive inherently. The games are either played amongst two or more people, divided into water, sky, foot and racing sports. The most important of the sports are Football in today’s time, association football or soccer as it is more commonly known, has received the most acclaim world wide. Following the fame of this sport are rugby, tennis, baseball, America Football, Cricket and horse riding. The list of sports is extensive and it would be impossible to cover all the sports that exist in different parts and regions of the world. The afore mentioned are some of the more known ones. All these sports have one thing in common, betting. Sports betting has turned out to be one of the most important forms of gambling and it has been gaining fame and importance in the recent years.

Sports Betting:

The idea of sports betting is as old as most of the sports themselves. The first proof, or more aptly, record of betting was in the Chariot races of the Roman Empire. Since then it has been a clear fact that many of the sports owe their positions to the practise of betting in them. Betting means predicting the results of the games or races, and then risking large, or substantial sums of money on the outcome. This is done in the hope that the gamble pays off and the money could be doubled. Sports’ betting is common in nearly all sports and almost all countries. The South African sports industry has a close affiliation with it too as do the Aussies, although the sports could take place in any part of the world.

There are two terms or concepts that have to be kept in mind while betting, calculating the odds, for they tell the bettor how much he could win, and the bookmakers. The bookies act as the go between the object of betting and the bettors. They take the bets and keep a vigorish, also making a profit for them, which is theirs no matter what the outcome of the games is.

Racing Horses:

Racing is one of the more thrilling sports especially if it is associated with cars and horses. It fascinates many, those who do race because they know how it feels. And also those who don’t for they would like to experience that challenge of racing with time and opponents to win. These reasons draw the crowds to the race courses with the stands mostly filled to the brim and the bets unbelievable. This sport is old, older than most other sports and it has a very rich history as well. It started from chariots, worked its way to mount and saddles and finally reached the modern form. Modern racing is believed to have started by the help of the English soldiers who returned from the Crusades, who brought back the Arabian Horses with them. These superior horses were bred with English mares and started the thoroughbred line. The English have claimed to pioneer many other sports but this one has exceeded the expectations of almost all the people affiliated to it. It was in England that the first Jockey Club was established, the first race courses and tracks saw light and the classics took shape. Finally this sport spread across to many other nations, Australia and South Africa being amongst them.

South African Racing:

Horse Racing was introduced with the horses to this country in the 18th Century. A few years later the first Jockey Club of this country was also established. It was the beginning of what was to be one of the finest sports of the country and it has fulfilled the promise of being just that. Horse racing did not enter the country alone though, breeding race horses and betting also made their appearances. There are several world class race tracks now in South Africa but there are three races which have stood apart from the other hundreds of races due to their popularity. The races in question are the Summer Cup in Johannesburg, J&B Met in Cape Town and Vodacom July in Durban. These three cities are subsequently the biggest and important cities of the country as well. These three races as well as other thoroughbred and jump races have made quite an impression on not only the locals, but also on people outside the country.

Online betting is the mode by which horse racing and betting has received more acclaim and fame in this country across the world. Due to the easy nature and use of the sites, it is easy for Australians as well as South Africans and even people from other nations to bet on the outcomes of these races.